2009 DF Silent Auction!!!

SD, When the auction closes will those offering items be mailed with who has won particular items? Or is there some way of viewing who is the highest bidder? Thanks :)


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right in there with ya flashdance. this is my first participation in the auction and i guess i'll ask the new donor question.....now what? both of my items were bid/won by buyers. annnnnddddddddd????conclusion instructions? would help me greatly.

Larinda McRaven

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We will notify the winners and when they have paid for their items we will notify the donars. That way we just keep track that items don't go out unpaid for. The system is not perfect, we are still tweaking it too.
Me too!! Including some of etp's cookies... mmmmmm.......
Yay first auction! I really wanted to bid for Larinda's shoes too but they were one size too small for me, so had to let that one go :(


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ahhh, farewell thee pretty shoes to dance on a floor so new, to sparkle and twinkle with feet that move, I'll miss you alas the search for the box of chocolates to ease my heart will be fruitless yet diet friendly as See's will see a new home. (-: Thanks for the conclusional update. I'll wait now.
All that will be left are crumbs :cry: I bid on the oat and raisin! Now I will have nightmares of someone taunting/sending me pictures eating those beautiful cookies... mmmm mmmm :mrgreen:

Maybe I can buy some anywho from JA later and put some money into the DF pot :D


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I have to admit, the curiosity is killing me as to who won the cookies, and how much DF is getting. The suspense is terrible; I hope it will last. ( CCM, you know that quote!)

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