2013 Ohio Star Ball Entry Deadline Oct. 7

Just a short message to remind people on DF that the entry form deadline for the 2013 Ohio Star Ball is Oct. 7. I'm guessing most people here that are coming know that, but wanted to remind any others. Also be sure to reserve your hotel room. I think the new downtown Hilton has discounted rates if you mention you're with OSB. There's more info on the OSB web site and Facebook page.

Hoping to see some DFers at this year's OSB. :)



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OM gosh, thanks for the reminder...
My job as the AM of the pro/am partnership is to remind Pro to get entries in on time,(not one of his strong traits) Just called him.


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Yea, when I was dancing AM/AM I always did my own entries.
It drives me crazy now that I dance pro/am that I can't do them myself
LOL, it is kind of like being a follow instead of a lead, gotta wait for it.
2013 OSB entry deadline is past, but here's an update on hotel availability in case any Dfers interested. From the OSB Facebook page.


Dear Dancers - If you have not yet booked your hotel room for this year's Ohio Star Ball, please know that a limited amount of rooms have become available at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. To make your room reservations, please e-mail us at:


We look forward to seeing you at this years Ultimate Dancesport Event!!!

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