3 Ballroom dresses and 1 latin dress FOR SALE!!!

I have various dresses for sale as I am now being sponsored so cannot wear these dresses anymore. Due to this i am willing to sell all of my dresses at very low prices.
Here's some pictures.
If you have anymore questions please feel free to PM me.

Blue Ballroom Dress is a size UK 8-12 price- any reasonable offer at all - need to sell

Lime green Ballroom dress is a size UK 6-10 price- £190 o.n.o

White Ballroom Dress is a size 6-10 price- £260 o.n.o.

Blue beaded Latin dress UK size 6-10 price- reasonable offers need to sell

I am selling these dresses as I am now being sponsored so there no use to me now as i get my dresses made by my sponsor. So will sell them at really low prices.



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A piece of advice: it helps if you put URLs of pictures instead of directly attaching them to the thread. The ones you've posted here and in the other threads are too big for comfortable viewing. :D

Beautiful dresses! I will keep you in mind when I'm looking. But I'm broke right now, so I can't afford to even look at those pretty dresses lol. I'm sure this has been asked before, but are UK sizes the same as US sizes? Oh and I love the white and red Ballroom gown! ;)
hi SPratt74 if you type in dress size converter into google click on a link and you can convert the sizes on there. I think that there pretty much the same as the US sizes :) I'm selling them really cheap... so they may be in your price range :) lol


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Generally, UK sizes are about 1-2 sizes smaller than US sizes. So a UK 6-10 would probably be about a US 2-6 or maybe 4-8.
Hi I am selling these for a lot cheaper now so if you like any just let me know and we can discuss the price... If you really like a dress I will change the price so it is a lot less.... If that makes sense lol
hiya im supposed to have a buyer for the dress but she hasn't replied to any of my e-mail.. is anyone interested? Cos it hasn't been sold yet...Liz have you heard of anyone who may want it?

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