3 Ballroom Dresses for Sale

The stones and materials used for these are not bad at all, but the dress's are all old fashion and simple. They were donated to my team a while back and no one can fit them at all. You could probably have the dresses altered or taken back by a specialist. We have a Black and Pink Stoned cocktail smooth/standard dress, a black and white Smooth Dress, and a Green gown with a kind of sash around the chest. We also have other dresses that we'd like to sell, but i still need to take pics of them. We also Have a Red and Orange standard, Orange Standard, and Purple Smooth

Starting price any of these dresses is $250.

If you have used or new dance shoes, skirts, and other supplies in bulk then willing to do a trade off rather then sell. either that or perhaps we will reduce the cost of the dress based on the number of items your willing to throw in.

All proceeds given go to SJSU Ballroom Spartans.

Here are some Ads with Pics:


Email at chrisli94588@gmail.com for details and more pictures.

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