!5th February Celebration Thread


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For those of us for whom Valentine's Day is a bore after you've got over the dearth of valentines cards (Dearth Valentine was one of Vader's henchmen)
15th Feb is Get-Over-it-and-Get-On-with-Life-Day

so what will you be doing?
I am not a big fan of the V-day myself, so I won't be celebrating in the least. I will be spending the 15th at Chicago Salsa Congress... which is a great way to not be celebrating! :p


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Feb. 15: go to CVS and get all the chocolate for awesome prices. ::grins:: Also prepping for BU Comp which is that weekend!
Ummmm.... you're gonna wait til AFTER the comp to scarf down the cheap chocolate, yes? :cool:
Chocolate is my night-before-comp-energy food. Don't know about the biology of this (I'm not listening, I'm not listening..) but it seems to work for me. I think its a spirit building thing really, I don't eat chocolate due to the permanent diet and so the pre-comp treat is a real upper.... :)

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