8th Annual Holy Cross Ballroom Dance Competition

Hello all,

Just wanted to post the date for the Holy Cross comp this year in case you haven't already heard about it.

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2007
Venue: Hogan Center Ballroom
College of the Holy Cross
1 College Street
Worcester, MA

I'll post updates as we get them but feel free to post questions here as they come up.

Tentative judging panel will include:
Kathy St. Jean - Deats (confirmed)
Randy Deats (confirmed)
Bill Morganti (confirmed)
Patricia Connolly (confirmed)
Karen Pfrommer (unconfirmed)
Boris Brevde (unconfirmed)
Hey all, registration is up on www.ballroomregistrar.com for the Holy Cross comp. Still working out a few kinks but its there. The team website is also being updated on a continuous/ongoing basis so check that out for updates. www.hcballroom.com. Any questions or concerns please feel free to email the organizers or post here and I'll try to get an answer for you.



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The link isn't on the actual BallroomRegistrar page yet, but the URL is active (direct link from the HC page works). Any thoughts on the schedule, or is it too soon to speculate? Personally I like it when events are rotated around a bit each year to make things fair for everyone. Having to dance Latin at 8 am vs. 6 pm, for instance, can make a huge difference for some people.


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Yeah, I haven't moved HolyCross07 to the main page of BallroomRegistrar yet as its still in the "let the organizers look over the site for errors" mode, as are about three other spring competitions, with two more opening tonight.


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and doesn't just about everyone squeeze in their registrations in the last few days anyway? ;)
Yup.... but I still think more schools should have Early, Regular, and Late deadlines.... Money is the best motivator for getting registrations in early, and for schools that are trying to grow their event, getting numbers up early is critical.


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I would definitely go for that. Entry fees come out of my own pocket, so it's not like I have to wait for administrative paperwork and checks from a team budget. It'd be nice to have online payments since I rarely write checks, but I know services like PayPal kill the recipient with fees.


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Yeah BallroomRegistrar supports PayPal payments if the hosting team provides me with a destination payment address, but very few teams do -- either because their school forbids it or other reasons. Plus most team's can't pay by it anways so it "only" helps the adult/non-affiliated competitors, which often isn't enough of a segment of the market to both with the hassles of getting money out of PayPal....
We are looking at changing the order of events this year but that is not finalized yet so the official word is "no comment". :)
I'll post the order as soon as its decided.
Just another update for all of you regarding our comp...
The schedule of events for the day is arranged tentatively as follows. The schedule itself has not been entirely hammered out but this is the order of events (which is different from prior years). We also expect to run all of our "usual" fun dances. :)

7:30 AM - Doors Open
Session 1: International Latin
Costume Break
Session 2: International Standard
Lunch Break & Costume Changes
Session 3: American Smooth
Costume Break
Session 4: American Rhythm
Just bumping this back to the top for people to take a look at. Any questions or feedback please let me know. :)
Confirmed judges are as follows:
Bill Morganti
Kathy St. Jean
Randy Deats
Boris Brevde
Patricia Connolly

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