A couple of updates about the forums

I have been meticulously running a spider program to find all broken links, and either link to the archive.org page, find the new page URL, or remove the link. I am back to early 2012 now. If you see obviously broken links, feel free to report them (but don't post new ones!).

Also you will see at the top of thread pages the Forum Name in bold followed by the thread name. This should make it easier for you to return to say the Ballroom Forum to view other threads.

And then I am also working on a top secret new project that will probably transform Dance Forums to something reminiscent to the "old days" with lots of activity, etc. It will roll out later this year if all goes well. No more hints for now.


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Yes, thanks, a big improvement. For a while there it seemed to be not working at all -- I kept having to look up at the URL of the current page to remember what thread I was on. :confused:
You are welcome everybody. I was told about these things a while ago, but then got caught up in work, and didn't take the time to get them done. But alas, it was done! Now I have been spending 2 hours/day fixing old links that were posted long ago, and stopped working, either finding the URL of the resource, or something similar, or the archive,org page, or just deleting the link. So I try my best to look after the site, and appreciate any feedback.

And if all goes well I have something really amazing coming. It won't affect what you see now in the least, but it will be transformative if I am able to do it!
A couple of other updates that I hope will be considered good. I disabled the tag feature because I don't think people really use it except for spamming. If you strongly disagree of course we can discuss this. Also the membersonline number is going to go down because now it will measure for people who have been on the form in the last 20 minutes. Before it was set to 30 minutes.

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