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Hello everyone...

I'm a mobile DJ up here in Canada and have been asked to DJ a country-heavy wedding next week. I'm not new to Country, given that I live in Calgary, AB, and in fact I have DJ'ed the local C&W bar numerous times here in Calgary. What IS new to me is something that the B&G said - they want the DJ to be able to know the difference between a 2-step and a 1-step.

A 1-step? What the heck is a 1-step? I know what a 2-step is, I can fairly confidently identify the music, but a 1-step??? Someone told me it was slow, but that's all I got out of him before I had to run away.

I want this wedding to go well, for obvious reasons, and I don't want to look like a complete idiot, so any help would be appreciated in identifying a 1-step dance (and some example songs too!)

Also, any help would be appreciated in describing the musical traits of the following:

Double Shuffle
East Coast Swing
West Coast Swing
C&W Cha Cha

I'm really looking for the following: BPM ranges (if there is any), styles of instruments, styles of melodies, etc.

Thanks all!



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Hope this helps some what.--cd. " roll up the rug " 1 and 2, have a variety of swing, e and w coast, tempos for west are very slow 26 - 30 bars , e is more liberal, some like it slow and some faster, so, 30, 38 bars. both the cds have that range . Cha-- depends if you want authentic or pop ?, very generic term , my guess is your audience would be more geared to pop type music , hard for me to reccomend , dont really use it in my teaching, someone will come up with some suggestions .
Thanks, I've gotten some good lists from some instructors here in the city. Turns out the 1-step isn't something that's real (as I figured) at least not to the knowledge of the instructor I spoke to. Here's hoping (fingers crossed)



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Sorry to tall you there is a dance called " one step " dates back to 1909 !!-- todays version is danced stepping on every beat consistently, generally slows to up tempo f /t music . Its original content consisted of-----Pas Marche--- Chasse and 3 step
From what I've read, (Not that I know much about DJ, just the dancing) but For WCS/Cha-Cha you need 120 BMP for ECS it's 120-190 BPM.

Hope that helps!



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If you want bars per minute, E. c. swing ranges from 30 to 36 for single and triple time --- W.c.-- from 26-- 30 bars, very casual and lazy feel-- Cha. again , wide range depending on authentic or " Pop " , from 28 bars to 36 per minute
West coast swing music is generally in the 90 - 120 BPM range. It is charachterized by an accented upbeat. Its ussually a Boom Cha, Boom Cha (whereas hustle would be boom boom boom boom)

East coast swing would be faster, more big band, as opposed to slower bluesy jazz or pop stuff for WCS.

Dont know anything about any of the other dances, sorry.
Thanks again for the replies guys. I've gotten tons of great info. The wedding went off pretty well, but even in this neck of the woods (where country's a big thing) I still ended up getting most of the people on the floor with other, more popular wedding music.

That said, however, most people don't KNOW how to do anything but Polka or Two Step around here - WC, EC, Cha Cha, etc. just isn't taught anymore unless you take lessons (which people do).

Thanks again everyone.


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