a dress yet again


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Katarzyna said:
going back to the dress (nu fuzz balls), lowering the price now 900... Need cash :(

Okay. I'm losing track. Could you post a link to the actual post that shows pix of the dress? Yes. I know I sound like a ditz, but there are a couple of active dress threads and I'm not sure which this one is.

A standrad dress for $900 sounds like a bargain, btw. )


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i'd buy em everytime if I could get more than my right thich in there...but i'm workin on it...they really are always beautiful Kat...folks should take a hard look at anything you are selling


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Glad you got the sale, kat. Maybe a higher reserve price next time will get you better offers? :? No idea. ebay pricing strategy totally escapes me. :?

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