A poor excuse for Argentine Tango... I am Disgusted with Dancing with the Stars


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Oh... my... GOD.

Who were those people, and what the hell were they doing? World class my left buttock. I've seen past contestants with more control over their bodies than those guys.

How could they even BEGIN to label that poorly choreographed amalgamation of generic DanceSport showboatmanship as Argentine Tango? Is it because the woman flung her chops into a few rather pathetic ganchos at the beginning?

...It wasn't even tango music!!!!!!

Is this what happens when DanceSport gets a hold of... anything?


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They did AT this time? In the past they've done ballroom tango.

I guess I'll have to make it a point to get together with my teachers (and, more importantly, their video of the show) so i can see it.

What music did they use.


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have told this tale before- but - one more time-- Several yrs ago, I co-produced a Hustle show in Fla. with my studio and students for a nationally syndicated program .When the exec. prod. looked at what we had put together, he took me to one side and said-- You must realise, this is for t.v., and what we "sell " is glitz. He had us re vamp all the material to a flash and trash mode .Ironically, as a pro., have to take 2 steps back and re-evaluate what the general public likes to see. The classic examples, would be Travolta and Swazey, who neither can dance their way out of a paper bag- BUT-- the general public , think they can .!!!. So, we know as dancers, its garbage,; if what we do is so marketable-- the U.S. championships, would be televised live .


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They did AT this time? In the past they've done ballroom tango.
It was a pro show. (The funny thing is, they didn't announce it as AT; Tom Bergeron just called it "tango".) The choreography was full of theater-arts stuff; it seems to be more oriented to showing off their athleticism than trying to actually capture the feel of the dance. My DW and I both said afterwards "that wasn't sexy at all". Mind you, what they did they did well... it just wasn't like any AT I've ever seen.

I don't recall the music specifically, but it was more like a NC2S than a tango.
Well, AT is a traveling dance, too. There are some figures that render it stationary at times, but you tend not to stay in them too long. isn't that the case for ballroom tango as well? (I have no exposure to it)

I do remember seeing an "AT" routine on one of those dance shows, maybe So you think you can dance... And it was just flashy, didn't feel like AT to me at all. It was interesting comparing it with a DVD of an AT competition or demo or whatever (CITA?) and seeing a few moments of flash, but mainly gorgeously elegant simplicity... now *that* is dancing I'd like to emulate.
It wasn't ballroom tango. There was no travel. And, during the few spots where they were in frame, it was an AT frame.
Showdance is not ballroom tango. It is not, for the most part in a ballroom hold and does not use the floor the way ballroom dances do.

Showdance is, well, showdance.

I was suggesting that this might have been showdance with a broader source of inspiration than simply ballroom tango. Showdance inspired by everything that has been associated with the word 'tango' plus everything that the dancers brought to the table from their experience, plus perhaps what the tv people wanted.

I haven't watched the show since the first season, but I don't remember much in the way of pure and characteristic examples of any defined dance, even in the pro demos.


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No, I have it on tape... Tom said before the commercial break, a "gravity defying Argentine Tango."

It was a bad example of ANY kind of tango, really...


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Oops I read the title as 'I'm disgusted with dancing with the stars', I thought you had spent one week dancing only with Pablo Veron, Miguel-Angel Zotto etc etc and were disgusted.

So it's actually a sort of TV dance show.

A youtube research with 'Dancing with the stars' found many videos but all the ones I looked at were ballroom tango.

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I can barely spell AT, and although I liked what they did, I also thought that some of the rookie competitors on SYTYCD did better . . .


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Will do. But later, since I can't get to my favorite videos here at work. Some aren't YouTube, but oh well.

Actually, there is a thread here somewhere with links to some videos. I think the title is self-explanatory, if you look through comparatively recent ones.

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