A poor excuse for Argentine Tango... I am Disgusted with Dancing with the Stars

Everytime I see you post I want to tell you, I LOVE YOUR SCREENNAME. :mrgreen:
Really? Thanks! What do you like about it? I've seen several other posters called variations of the same (newbie, newb, etc.); it was just the first thing that sprang to mind to describe myself. :) Not particularly flattering (and no matter how long I keep dancing I will now forever be a noob on DF), but there it is.

There are a lot of good AT instructors in NYC, should you ever decide to come over to the dark side.
I know, I've been browsing the AT beginner schedules on various dance studio websites ;)

Honestly, my schedule is way too bizarre these days for me to even consider any kind of standing weekly commitment; and by the time it calms down I may well be moving away (after 12 consecutive years in Manhattan, eek!). But my time for AT will come. Oh yes, it will come. :mrgreen:
Does anyone with some dance knowledge have a spare moment to comment on a couple of performances? I read your opinions a few pages back of one of the Argentine Tangos on Strictly Come Dancing, general consensus being that it sucked!
What do you think of the two other performances:
Emma Bunton and Darren Bennett
Matt Dawson and Lilia Kopylova
Are either of them any better than the first one (Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy), or were the judges right to say that Mark and Karen the best?

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