...A short sequence from today's practice.

I was going to comment first....but, I am beginning to realize that I really am not qualified to comment.
Comments from any of you are certainly welcomed.
The boleos are yucky, and so is the leg wrap. I my opinion these look much better with natural flow to them, which must start from the leader and involve the whole of the follower's body, not just the leg reaching for it.

Watch out for the danger of banana-back in the massive turning lean (I'm sure there's a name, but I can't think of it right now). The girl in the vid looks pretty close to edge for her back bowing in my eyes and must have very strong core musculature to support it. Fortunately she is young and fit and light, which reduces the consequences if she should do it wrong.

I managed to find a good clear example of safe technique courtesy of Osvaldo and Lorena: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X11dgG9JtuA at 0:39 in the video. It involves much more deliberate strength in the woman, finding stability in the back and in the hips and ankles (while still retaining a free leg for decoration or whatever).

The material itself is fairly textbook display tango. It will be good or bad entirely based on the way the performers do it, and for that it needs a bit more flow and gusto (obviously once it is well practiced).

I hope the fella is going to concentrate more on his partner than the mirror in future. I think the video recording will provide him with much more feedback on his technique than trying to do it while watching himself. All I know is that looking mirrors is destructive to my dancing efforts, as it distracts me from the moment, turning it retrospective instead of thinking toward the next step.
kieronneedscake, I'm on my phone and my daughter just started her
private, but I gave her the corrections. Let's see iff she remembers them.
Thankyou. I will follow up when I get home.
kieronneedscake, I'm on my phone and my daughter just started her
private, but I gave her the corrections. Let's see iff she remembers them.
Thankyou. I will follow up when I get home.
You’re paying Felix to teach your daughter a routine. She’s new to tango and she’s in the hands of a very good teacher. As to the comment of him looking in the mirror obviously the person making the comment never practiced with a pro for a routine…the mirror is your friend.
And a little friendly advice …. Let Felix do what your paying him to do and DON’T take advice from strangers. Trust that Felix knows what he’s doing and doesn’t need to hear the advice of others relayed through your daughter.
Trust me on this.
Thankyou hbboogie,
The advice is more for me, than my daughter. Felix and my daughter would give me a big "time out" if I ever went too far over the line. I think that the banana-back is good advice. Alex Da Silva taught her to use the "banana-back" ...so that should say alot.
(My prayers to you, Alex).
Also, it seems to me, that a lot of the A.T. technique is the extremely subtle technical differences that seperates the good dancers from the great dancers. I really want to learn these subtle differences. The advice here has at least, gotten me to pay attention and try to recognize the differences. The boleos, the A.T. walk, are just a few of them. Missy's boleos, again, she first learned from A.D.S., and I think, does need some "fixing". Felix worked with her on them, today.

Another thing that Melissa and I learned to day was how to deal with T.O.M. He visits Missy every month and she is beginning to notice a change in here emotions when he does visit. She is going to have to learn how to deal with this, if she expects to be a pro. dancer. Her concentration was out the window today. So, ladies,...if you have any advice,....we could sure us it. (...and I can tell you first hand, mom isn't the one to give it. LOL).

Also, my daughter took a tango social dance class today. There were 2 ladies there with exception social dance technique. I admired their use of their adornments, than I thought to myself....."adornments should be earned, and not be a concern until after one learns proper A.T. technique.". (I could only imagine what a dancer must look like doing adornos, when they haven't even master basic A.T. technique.)
Does anyone agree?

Thankyou all for you replies. I will read the p.m. sent, when I am in a better mood. (..no thanks to Missy LOL).


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he is instructing her, not leading.

energy of his rotation is not transferred to her while going from giro to boleo.
it looks to mechanical, with pauses, not like circular flow.
Fair play hbboogie1, you're right, I've not done much mirror work, and can certainly see how an instructor dancing with a student might use a mirror to diagnose problems.

Oddly though, in my experience a lot of tango problems can be identified by feel alone. When (not all the time) I do tango right, it feels right. The challenge I set myself is to gradually discover what all the different tactile inputs mean in terms of technique.

Banana-backs are a bit like the splits I think. If you're trained and have the right body, you can do them. Certainly there are recordings of well-regarded dancers who do arch.
I finally managed to find an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUof6qa10yM
Good ol' Gavito does something very similar to Missy's routine at 3:12. You can see very clearly how much strength the girl has. Notice also how even though her ribcage tilts upward, everything below it all the way to her sternum is well-controlled in a strong line.

Rather than taking my observations, I think it might be helpful for her to study a few videos specifically with leaning posture in mind. That way the teacher retains his authority and won't feel the need to come and brick my windows!

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