A Tap Dance Lengend Dies

LOS ANGELES -- There was a time when Gregory Hines didn't want to dance.

But fate was on the side of his fans and Hines did continue to dance. The innovative and influential tap dance star became invaluable in the renewal of his art. He enjoyed wide success as a film and television actor. On Saturday, he died of cancer. Hines was 57.
From the Gannett News Service

What a terrific dancer he was! He will be missed.

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Gregory Hines was a true inspiration to me. One of those people that touches you that has no idea what kind of influence they have/had. I was lucky enough to meet him, talk with him socially and even have him demonstrate some stuff to me a few times.

I don't have any delusions that he ever realized I was the same person, simply one of "Rusty's friends" or "the kid with Fayard" but I'll remember and treasure those times.

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