About the Missing Posts


It looks like there was some corruption in the database. That sounds bad, but it's quite fixable. Only thing is, the database is 30 MB and my work computer has trouble handling a file that large.

It might be a couple hours before everything is fixed. I'm going home in 2 hours. I'll have one hour to work and then I have to teach a class. Then I can work on it until it's fixed from 9:30 pm until 1 am Eastern Standard Time.

Sorry for the interuption in service.

Believe me when I say, I'm working hard to correct the problem, and also be assured that all is not lost. I have several backups of the forum database.


Just keeping the communication channel open here to let you know what's going on. I'm trying to fix this on my work computer that's 3 years old. When I get home it will be easier.


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Don't sweat it, DM. That's the thing about computers. One little bit or byte out of place, and the data gets corrupted. Fortunately, that's very unusual, and computer memories are pretty robust, so I'm sure this situation will be just fine. I'm going to go browse the photo galleries, then head out. Hang in there, guy! :D


Funny thing: We actually have more users online when there is a problem. I count 15 right now.

It looks like right now the Dance Forums are fully operational with no bugs...BUT we have a couple of days worth of posts missing. :oops: :cry:
I think I will be able to recover a couple hundred more posts when I get home tonight.

I will also be doing some serious consideration on ways to prevent this from happening, and a quick backup plan.


22 users online

I think the problems of the Dance Forums are a magnet!
Have we found that secret method to attract more people?
Should I post a new problem each day at the top in a bright fluorescent color? ROTFL :lol:
[DanceMentor is catching his breath after receiving a crushing blow to the gut] :lol:

[DanceMentor is planning to use the messsage at the top:
"I can't guarantee posts made between now and then will survive"
as an excuse to delete certain posts]


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Is this why the 50 last posts feature disappeared last night? I like that one.

Another thing I've been meaning to ask: When I choose a forum from its index and there's an option go to page 1,2,3,...X and I choose any page but #1, it goes to #1 and I have to choose a different page again.

Know what I mean?




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wow. I never had the paging problem, suek. Maybe it's something new with the current problem. Usually, it takes me to the page I request, and I have to scroll down. *shrug* :?
Another Announcement:
Just got home and brought in the rest of the posts from my newest backup. Looks like we lost less than 100 posts. And it lloks like we we won't be able to get those back. Please accept my apology. I will be working to get backups more often in the event of a repeat.


I think you just have to click exactly on the number or it takes you to page one. I'll take a look at the style sheet to see if I can make the numbers bigger. They are awefully small.

The "Last 50 Posts" is a suspected problem because it may not conform to the forum code. I will make a better one soon.



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Don't sweat it. I've been a sys admin before and understand stuff like this happens. We're still here and everyone is safe and sound! :lol:


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Grrr...It's a Safari (Mac OSX browser) thing. If I click on the page number in Explorer it works, in Safari it takes me to p1.

Oh well. Safari's a great browser with exceptional ability to block popup windows. Great, except on the things it can't do.

Thanks for the input.

Looks like we lost the martial arts thread...it was getting better and better too. Someone will start it up again, I'm sure.



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