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Dance Forums is the largest online community for partner dancing in existence today, with over 3000 regular contributing members and an average of 4000 visitors per day and over 1 million page views per month, with members and visitors from every corner of the globe. As in any community, members ask and answer questions, share experiences, write product reviews, and countless other activities which all contribute to an active and energetic community of dance enthusiasts. Dance Forums is the #1 online partner dancing resource for anyone looking to connect with others who share their passion.

Dance Forums reaches out to and is home to dancers of all different styles of partner dancing: ballroom, latin, swing, salsa, argentine tango, country, and more. From the casual social dancer to the highly competitive and world class dancer, Dance Forums is an exciting community for all. Various ages participate, from very young to very old! Most have regular jobs and are very active dancers, while others are dance professionals. With such a diverse community of people of all ages, backgrounds, locations, and experience, Dance Forums has a wide audience that is growing every day!

Our New Program:

Rather than work through Google Adsense, you can now purchase ads directly from Dance Forums. You don't have to worry about varying charges. You just pay a flat monthly rate, and you will receive an unlimited number of clicks and impressions during that time.

There are currently 14 different ad locations throughout our site (and more may be added after the writing of this text)
Homepage Top
Homepage Bottom (coming soon - not available yet)
Country Western Forum top
Salsa Forum top
Dance Articles top
Swing Forum top
Tango Forum top
General Dance Discussion Forum top
Funstuff and Inspiration Forum top
Dancers Annonymous Forum top
Competition Section top
Ballroom Dance Forum top
Music Section top

There is a maximum number of ad slots available for each section, so you can be guaranteed to see similar results from your ads each month. For the Homepage Top and Ballroom top, there are 10 slots maximum, and and the others are set to 8.

You will notice in some places there are currently Google Ads. That is because we have no advertisers in that section yet! That means if you are the first, you will have an ad all by yourself until someone else places an ad in that section. As we are starting this program, you can be assured of maximium performance as a result of the availability.

In order to participate in our program you need to do the following:
1. Register for an account
2. Login to your account
3. Click on New Ad and provide the title, description and URL for your ad
4. Click Pay Now and submit your payment via Paypal

That's all you have to do. There may be a short waiting period for the admin to approve your ad, but don't worry, we don't start counting the time for your ad until after approval. All ads remain in place for 30 days, and then you have the option to renew or create a new ad. You may only advertise once per section of the site.

We reserve the right to refund the money of advertisers whose ads are not deemed appropriate, and we will strive to maximize availability of ads that are most helpful to our readers. We really appreciate your participation in our program, and if your ad is rejected, please accept our apologies. Each ad is reviewed by one or more members of our team, and we hope you will support us in our decisions, as our main goal is always to provide the best possible place for our readers.

Also, we reserve the right to change the pricing or maximum slots for a given ad location, but only after notifying all advertisers in the location about the changes 30 days prior to the change. Our goal will be to match supply with demand, and we again thank you for your support, as this will allow us to add more features to our site in the coming months, and continue to grow with you.
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