Advice for Building a Dance Floor


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Oh, I totally forgot about this thread. I ended up getting a space and putting in a portable dance floor. Not a perfect rectangle, because there're bathrooms and a kitchen, so it bulges out in the middle to allow for travel toward the centre in things like foxtrot.

Check it out:

Thanks again for all your advice, guys!


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Were you instructed to arrange the tiles with the "grain" perpendicularly?
The tiles fit together by means of an interlocking framework under the floor that acts like a puzzle. Consequentially, the floor ends up with a checkerboard pattern, but it can't be felt by just dancing on it. Since getting this floor, I have noticed the same thing in multiple competition floors.


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Sometimes concrete gets a brushed finish, depending on the use of the surface, sometimes smooth. (Hopefully, you mean "grooves". ;) )


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Interesting. Would have thought the leveling would have filled any bristle broom grooves like those on a sidewalk. The wonderful world of concrete - so much to learn. Time to get me a bag of Sakrete and start 'sperimentin'.

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