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You posted this link to aerials and the very next day, Sunday, I start doing my first ever aerial -- this in jump swing. I lift the follower and "throw" her from my right side to in front of me and to my left. No spotters at all. Danger of leaders hurting their backs if not done properly. I'm not too sure how much I approved of the fairly flippant way it was done...
Who are you doing this with, and what is "jump swing"? I know lots of extremely skilled dance instructors through out NY. If you want someone to advise your group or to double check your own technique let me know.


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I saw jump swing done for the first time a few weeks ago, so I claim no authority on this. But to me, the dance looked like EXTREMELY energetic ECS. Think drug--induced hyperactivity LOL! Lots of kicks, bouncing, and jumping around at high speeds, but still obviously a swing dance done to swing music. Here's a link that may help. Actually, the dance looks like much fun, if you're aerobically fit.


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I looked at the jump videos, jenn. They looked like lindy variations with kick steps instead of triple steps. I'm sure Damon will see and analyze these much better than I can.

I'm so exhilarated! Just started doing fast lindy last night in a private lesson and did a little tonite on the social dance floor. I fought my teacher when he suggested it...I'm too old; that's why I do balboa; I can't I can't I can't. I'm SO glad I let him persuade me to try it. IT'S FUN! Like in the jump videos, there's a vocabulary of steps and kicks instead of triples that let one move really fast. And as Damon told me today in my private with him, it completely depends on being low, being in that athletic position ALL THE TIME, and bouncing ALL THE TIME.

I have also committed to begin to learn aerials. Whew! I can't tell you how excited I am about that. When I was a kid, and falling in love with swing dancing, I used to do an aerial my partner called the Jersey Bounce. You know the one where the follow gets bounced on the lead's hip, and then the other hip, and then down through his legs and then up so her legs are kicking in the air in front of his face. I couldn't dance but I could run across the room and jump and be caught and do that move.

Do you get how thrilled I am to have the glimmer of a chance to do stuff like that again, as a dancer now? And at my age? I may not ever get very far off the ground, yet I'm so freaking grateful to be here and have the opportunity to try and to have fun, in a safe controlled environment with a teacher I completely trust. (Added that last phrase so you don't all post "be careful"s at me...don't worry I am very very careful.)


Be careful! I'm nursing a pulled muscle in my lower back, and that occurred during a lesson, being careful, with many spotters and proper technique... it happened anyway. I couldn't get off the couch the next day without assistance.


Yes, while there are exceptions, in general, people who do aerials have short careers, and the people who have been doing it for a long time often complain of serious problems.

I used to do all sorts tricks, and I would teach people (after they signed a waiver). There are two excellent places to learn aerials more safely: In a swimming pool and at a gymnastics center that has guide wires.

I was hoping it wasn't that stuff... yeah here is an excellent example of something Joe had talked about, teachers changing the name of something in an attempt to fool people into thinking it is something unique.

"Jump Swing" is the East Coast Swing variation "Jig Walk" or "Flash Kicks"... a number of ballrooms actually teach these variations. It is not a basic and not a dance in its own right and I think it is a huge diservice to students to imply that it is. They'll miss out on a number of the more interesting and fun moves/variations/rhythms.

My biggest problem with the way it is done is that they use an upward bounce/hop... which actually changes the entire sense of movement removing the entire African Aesthetic of grounded movement.

I'd recommend checking out which of Minnie's Moochers are still in Ithaca and getting a private with them to help you nail down aerials that you are being taught that you don't feel comfortable with.

If you make it down to NYC let me know and I'll get you in touch with Natalie and Yuval, they have a huge repetoir of Rock and Roll aerials and lindy hop airsteps that they can break down for you in amazing detail.


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:D Cool. I thought it looked like East Coast Swing. :D So where can a person learn all these variations you're talking about? Looks like lots of fun. :D

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