African dance: a DF mod attempts the style!

Steve Pastor

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In response to an overwhelming number of requests (OK, maybe more like 1 and a half)

First a demo of some of the things we were trying to do in this West African dance class taught by Kwame Tyson at the Viscount Studios in Portland in 2011. Kwame is from Nigeria and taught the class for four or five months, and by this time we were down to just three students.

Steve Pastor

Staff member
I see the book I requested through ILLIAD is in and I will be picking it up tomorrow. It was published in 1962 and is about West African dance. I'm hoping it's a good one.

So, to mark this event, here is the other video I made at the end of the dance classes I took.
Although I tried REALLY hard to stay out of the frame, you will see me flailing around every now and then.
You might want to not put any food or drink in your mouth before starting this!


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No longer mere myth! Steve, thanks, and hey, your right hand looked really good judging by what I could see!

Seriously, though, that looks like an tremendously difficult routine, both choreographically and fitness-wise, so you must be (if that glimpse is accurate) in terrific shape.

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