After watching the pro videos

Please understand I am a armature and this is just what I thank. To me it seems everyone has the same teacher. I know they don't but everyone looks the same some just have a little more ability than others but all the same. The videos I watched everyone was a good dancer and strong and in shape. But as far as the man goes they should dance like a man. Please don't take this wrong but they dance like the girls as far as hand and head movement. To me the man should dance more with his feet because he is the leader and his hands should stay on the girl and let the girl do all that hand stuff. I am sure that is not the right wording. But you might know what I mean. And I am assuming that all the judges are girls. By now I know I ruffled some feathers but to me the bar needs to be raised and the men need to steep up and just start dancing different. Yes at first they will be judged and louse but it will take time to change things those girl judges might like a man with a little different style. If I can recall Mister Fred Aster did not do all that hand and head stuff he danced with his feet. And he should be what the men are trying to copy. Even dancing with the stars they do all that hand stuff. Yes the girls it looks good because they are girls. But not the guys. SORRY I know I am out of line. I was going to go to Dallas this year but I don't want to watch that. Maybe if things would change so men might want to dance with the pros. But not the way they are now. SORRY again I will just stay at the bars it was a crazy idea to thank I could dance with the pros.

Mr 4 styles

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Competitive country dancing has evolved or devolved depending on your frame of reference into a western music version of ballroom dancing. Well guess what... It is!! It's still parter dancing driven by timing footwork and connection. Free arm movements are to create symmetry . For the bar room social dancer it looks different for sure. But some of the technical skills the pros have are useful to learn as they will make your social dancing better. This , as a leader , will make more ladies want to dance with you and ultimately that's what it's about in the social scene

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Joe, your opinion isn't much different than mine.
I took some time to look at some old videos through the 80s and into the mid 90s. That "pointy stuff" didn't start happening until they started having "United" competitions as far as what I see. (It could have been earlier, but no video...) I see pointy arms in a 1994 UCWDC dance competition, but not before.
Apparently some people think this was a positive thing.
I don't; especially when people bring it into a social dance setting.

Don't want to watch it? Well, I stopped watching the dance floor a long time ago. The pointy thing isn't too popular here, thankfully. I just can't stand to watch people not dancing in time to the music.
Unless we are talking about some other dance icon, in which case I apologize, Fred Astaire most certainly danced with his whole body and had great lines. Arms connected to the core aren't just for looks, they're mostly for function. IMO.
You are right about Fred. But this arms connected to the core does not belong on the country dance floor. It should stay on the ballroom dance floor. I would like to see country dance pros not ballroom converting to country dance pros. Sorry I will shut up but some one needs to change the country ballroom seen.

Mr 4 styles

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It won't happen... Not competitively. It's got to look more polished than good bar dancing . I only dance country socially but ballroom competitively . When I dance country I don't use ballroom arms but I use my skills in connection timing and floor craft to show the ladies a very good time. And the mrs doesn't even mind coz she will only dance a little country at a time


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....But this arms connected to the core does not belong on the country dance floor. It should stay on the ballroom dance floor....
I sometimes compete in the Country Western division at Fred Astaire competitions. Our CW waltz, cha cha, etc. look very different from what we do in the ballroom divisions. All the same, the arms aren't dead and are connected to the core--I hope, at any rate--but since the movement is very different, so are the arms. Much softer. A lot of the CW competition videos on youtube make me cringe twice: once as a ballroom dancer and once as a CW dancer. We gave up watching them and dance what we think is appropriate for CW and have a very good time.
I would interested to learn which pro videos the OP watched. I've seen some outstanding dancing at the UCWDC world championship events. Many of the top professionals have taken lessons from top ballroom people.
A local high level professional rhythm gentleman recently did a show at a UCWDC event and told me how impressed he was with the musicality there....


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I would say the judges are about 50-50 men and women.

I wouldn't stress over the finalized styling. There is always an over exaggeration of some movements regardless of if we are comparing CW competition vs social or ballroom competition vs social.

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