Albuquerque 2015. Anyone else going?

Desert Diva - I'm sorry that your response was only 'Meh', but I thought it was fun. Exhausting, but fun.

Classes, at least those I took, were mellow and informative, generally dealing with technique rather than steps. Even if I knew the techniques already, raising the general level of dance through intermediate/advanced technique classes is something I always appreciate. The DJs were good. Floorcraft was, generally, good. Many of the follows were good to excellent dancers, and if a dance was not fun, it was usually because I was feeling out of sorts. The floor had two colors of wood squares - white and brown - creating clear lanes, and the dances often had three lanes. Perhaps the only complaint was that the brown squares were slightly sticky, so I had requests from a number of women that we dance in one of the white lanes.

Cabeceo was generally used, and, this being the 21st century in the USA, by women as well as men. A number of my dances were with women whom I might have been afraid to ask (insecurity strikes again), but caught my eye and invited me. I nearly always accepted.

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