Alicia Pons--Vals

Yes, I love this one. I think it was the very first tango clip I saw on youtube some time ago (was it recommended on this site somewhere?). Thanks for reminding me, it's beautiful!


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I don't know what all the fuss is about. This is supposed to be about dancing vals but its like they're waiting for a bus. Vals is flowing, spiralling movement; decoration and embellishing is fine but the lead is unimaginative.

There are better examples of vals on u-tube.


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I just liked the simplicity of it. I liked how she used her feet. I liked the stillness and quietness and private quality of it.


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Originally Posted by Ampster

Hopefully I'll be able to dance with her in the milonga following.

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Dangit...where's that green-eyed monster emoticon...

Oh, wait. Maybe that should be I...hate...her?

I gotta' get me an "insane jealousy" emoticon.
I did it. Danced with her. It was beautiful. It was just amazing how you could do so much basic stuff and the simplicity of it all turned into something so earthy and wonderful.

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