"All I want for Xmas ... " 2004


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It's that time of year,
A time for good cheer,
When lists are made up,
With nothing to fear.

It might be less crime,
Or more dancing time;
And always a wish for
World peace in a rhyme.

So take a moment,
And please don't lament,
We would all prefer
We have enjoyment!



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peachexploration said:
My list is very short this year. So short, don't even need to bother with paper and pencil.... :lol:
Ok ... you could try using a computer and typing on this website? :lol:

Or wait ... maybe I can guess! A warm fireplace, coffee from Starbucks, a big warm blanket, poems to read out loud, chocolate treats to eat, holiday music playing in the background, maybe even the kind you could dance, too! :D

(I like dancing to holiday songs!)


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peachexploration said:
Okay, that'll work. :lol: Thanks. Now, I don't have to even edit my list. :lol:
See? You should take me up on my offer to visit around New Years Eve! :wink:

Ah! On my list this year ... an invitation from Peach to visit her in FL! :wink:

(And if we keep this up I'll need to change the thread name to "DP & Peach Flirting". :lol:


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Ok ... its unanimous! Peach and I vote 2-0 for others to post their holiday wish lists! Balloting closed, please proceed to your nearest computer keyboard and share your special lists for 2004 with the rest of the DF community!
OK, I wish for:

- My mortgage to be paid off
- Set of brackets to mount my home theatre speakers on the walls
- A man who is cheeky, kind, considerate and has an interest, no, a passion for dancing (and me). :oops:
- Enough money to feed my dancing habit, forever!
- A pair of red dancing shoes
- $1million, just to play with
- World peace

That's not too much to ask, is it?? :wink:


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nOpe. I could help you out with 2,5, and maybe 3 if we are both lucky? After all I am kind, considerate, cheeky, love to flirt and am mad about dancing. :wink: I think you would be pretty happy with those 3 out of 7, no?
I think I could be happy with that.

So when can I expect my shoes to arrive?? I'm a Supadance size 4.5 regular width. Would prefer strappy satin 2.5" heel, any brand!! :D :lol:


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Like every year, I wish that intolerance and ignorance were uncommon, and respect and acceptance were the norm.

I wish for cures rather than treatments (although I agree that treatments would be better than nothing).

I wish that I could send my children out to explore the world without being constantly worried about "bad people".

But since we seem to be getting farther and farther from those concepts...

I wish for another safe and happy year for my friends and family. This wish came true this year, I hope I can count on it for next year too.

And of course, I would like a 30 day orgasm.


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Might be a little ... tiring, no? :eyebrow:

Not sure what I want. A little rest and time to reflect before making a new start, I guess. 8)
Well in addition to the regular clothes, movies, and dance stuff....I would like for my life to make sense again. Its amazing how 1 person can totally screw you up. :cry:
Ok after last night I have a new wish (as if I didn't want enough already!). Went to an unbelievable show last night with five guys doing "funk tap". Now, I wish:

- To get the opportunity to make a living on stage!

This is what I have always wanted to do, but is one of those far off dreams that you think can never happen, so it gets pushed to the back of my mind. Every time I go to see a live show, it resurfaces.

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