Amazing Tango with a Scarf


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This is a showcase from one of students at my studio. I'd only seen tiny bits and pieces during her lessons until night of the performance, and was jsut blown away. I guess choreographer came in, listeened to song they had picked, and basically just said, "Do you have a scarf?" and ran with it. LOVED it.

Thanks for posting the video i enjoyed it.

I did find it a little amusing where the lyrics say

"So i took the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots,

At the same time, the `blonde` dancer appears to be shooting `herself` in the head. :doh:


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lol ashybang, yeah, I noticed that too. :) Iv'e edited this song for pro at another studio, and at least in that choreograpy she clearly shot him, not herself. :)

That being said, I liked this choreography and dancing WAY better than the other one (sorry angel :) )


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Absolutely SisterShimmy. :) Had a sesson with that choreographer ast night for my chacha and mentioned this. Turns out he never saw final product, so just emailed him link to this video this morning.

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