American Smooth Shoes

Hi @Bushytail3, I also need room for my toes to spread but the fashion is for pointy toes. Even the Supadance models that say "rounded" are too pointy for me. I admit the more boxy toed shoes are not as elegant looking but foot health is more important to me than elegance. I searched a lot. The best (for me) has been american classic ballroom dance shoes. (The url is www dot that dot com.) I get mine custom, but you can get the not-pointy models off the rack if you do not need other modifications. I'm on my third pair from them. Not cheap, but so worth it for foot comfort. I do not know the IDS brand so I cannot compare.
Hi Bushytail3, I wish I could help you more with this. I did get a pair of IDS american flex late last year, and have only really worn them for competitions. Unfortunately they are in storage at the moment so I can't take any pictures for you. I find them extremely comfortable. The edge of the toebox has an elastic in it, which I found I strongly prefer (I was trying on smooth shoes at vendors at a competition) over shoes with no stretch there. I wouldn't say the inside is cushioned, but to me it always feel extremely soft somehow. Like you've got a sock made of a really soft material on your toes. The only other thing I should note is that the heel runs low. I tried both the 2" and 2.5", and the 2" feels distinctly lower then my 2" practice heels, while the 2.5" is just barely higher. I haven't had any issues with pointing my toes in them, but I'm also not consistent at all with doing that, so take it with a grain of salt.
Thanks @BrokeForBallroom! Your information certainly helps a bit.
I just found this thread and have two questions regarding smooth shoes.

1) The "American Flex" style that IDS makes looks like my best bet. However, I would like to know more about them before I purchase. Does anyone have any photos of the shoe from other angles like straight on, the inside, from the back, etc.? Maybe something showing how flexible they are? All the websites give me is one view...from the side...which is not that helpful.

2) I am specifically looking for a smooth shoe (and eventually want to find a new pair of standard shoes), that allows my big toe as much room as possible. It absolutely cannot be squished sideways as usually happens in a closed toe shoe. Rounded toes are thus a must, but I am having trouble finding closed toe shoes that have a straighter "inside edge".
Here are some photos I have of the American Flex. None of them show how flexible they are, but I think they are pretty flexible and so far these are the best I've found for pointing my toes. They are a bit 'pointy' in the toes though, they would be perfect with a more rounded toe! You could try going wider, these are a Wide.

These are what I wear for Smooth competition - love them, super flexible - but also had to go with wide because of the narrow toe box. Otherwise, they are true to size.

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