America's ballroom challenge returning to PBS

Since the DWTS posts seem ok here I can't help but chime in. IMO the more attention the ballroom community can get, even if it is DWTS related, the better off we are. I hate seeing such a divide; while I understand it, I think it is probably hurting ballroom in the long run.
More info on the upcoming 2015 America's Ballroom Challenge on PBS, including a new promo video.

A recent message by John DePalma on Facebook regarding the promo video. You can click YouTube icon on preview window to go "like" the video.

"Ok Everyone! This is shout out to all my Facebook Friends. ....we need your help! America's Ballroom Challenge is coming back to PBS on April 24th. There is currently a trailer of the show up on YouTube ... out of the 5,500 views there have been only 75 "likes" ... the number of likes are important for PBS and the future funding of the show. .... so PLEASE go to YouTube and "like" the trailer. ... share this with your friends and have then like it too! Important!



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I have liked it on the youtubes. Also, I am excited to see it for the dancing and also because I was in the front row for part of it. I'll be the one in the green dress, drinking champagne and eating popcorn and cheering loudly.
I just stumbled across this announcement. America's Ballroom Challenge was last presented in 2006. That was before HDTV. Now we can enjoy a new competition in high definition.

America's Ballroom Challenge Premieres April 24, 2015 at 9/8c on PBS.

"America's Ballroom Challenge is an exciting three-part series that brings together the nation's top ballroom dancers to compete for the title of "America's Best." Hosted by former U.S. dance champions Mary Murphy and Tony Meredith, the series was shot in stunning high definition at the world's largest ballroom dancing competition, the Ohio Star Ball."
Many PBS stations repeat each episode a couple of times during the week so check your local listings or the PBS America's Ballroom Challenge home page for a time you can watch or record it.


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Just finished watching and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I would have liked to have seen more of the actual rounds of pros dancing each of the dances and less of the show dances. The showdances were amazing, but to me a ballroom comp really are those open pro heats where all dance styles are displayed.


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1. I can't wait for next week now!
2. I agree about the heats- I wanted all of them!
3. Apparently I would stink as a judge. I ranked the showdances way different than they did. They were all pretty darned good though.


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Yeah. Showdances are fun and all, but I'd have rather seen more of the main events. ("Group rounds" indeed.) I feel like I should have known better.

The high def broadcast was pretty fantastic though. Can we get PPV ballroom comps on tv without the commentators, plzthx?

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