America's ballroom challenge returning to PBS

It's like the nadir of figure-skating coverage when you had Scott and Sandra trying to comment on a new scoring system they didn't understand at all and yakking to fill air time. The worst part is they really spend almost no time talking about the actual dancers or explaining in any way why one couple won or not.
Scoring and judging were so downplayed it wasn't even clear that they were showing a competition.


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Watched the last episode on pbs. org last night, or rather about 30 minutes after fastforwarding through a good portion of it.

Didn't agree with the final placements, but whatever.

Strange vision of Mickey Mouse saying, "Hi, everybody!" with Minnie when the hosts came onto the floor...


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Watched some online earlier. Do people just not know how to chew gum anymore? When they cut away to the audience, I saw people who looked like they were working hard at wrestling their Extra. Can't be that hard to chew with your mouth closed.
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I am watching the second half of the last episode...I have to say, despite the horrible commentating (which did, admittedly, get at least nominally better as the episodes progressed) and the poor editing decisions to cut out most of the group rounds, I would rather watch this any day to any episodes of Dancing with the Stars. Denis Kutepov and Lesya Sinitsa brought me to tears in their Standard showdance (I totally want to be Lesya when I grow up) - and I am not, and never will be a Standard dancer. Emmanuel and Liana brought me to tears in Episode 3 because they are simply stunning together. And even if the pro-am dances were a bit of an add-on, it was nice to see pro-am actually explained to the world by someone other than me. Bring it on, PBS!
I've tried to find the "Rock This Place" through Shazaam and also SoundHound, with no avail for Episode 2 QS. Halp.
Not sure this will help, but PBS did post a listing of all the music from the show on their website. I don't see the one you are looking for, but look under the music tab from the main America's Ballroom Challenge homepage on the PBS site.


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The thing I'm hating the most is the canned dialogue. Yes, they're looking in the general direction of each other's faces, but you can tell that they're reading it off an off-view teleprompter, just like "reality" TV. It sounds so fake and forced. I'm embarrassed for anybody who believes it's not 100% scripted or even dubbed ("Wow, what a topline!" he says, of the collapsed inside).

I suppose I'm going with "Still better than DWOS" and also "At least they tried" for now. Still, though. I'm cringing sometimes.

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