An interview for the Salsa Dancers

Hello! I'm doing a little research on this particular dance and I was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions. I'd like for you to be a little detailed in your answers, just to get a general 'feel' to it. :)
Thank you!

1. How and why did you get into salsa?
2. For how long did you take salsa classes? (If you dropped out, please state why)
3. What items, colors, places and so on comes to your mind when you think or do the dance?
4. Do you have a partner? And if yes, have they also taken the dance classes with you?
5. Benefits of dancing the salsa? Improvements and so on...
6. What is your favourite website?
7. A feeling or emotion you get from dancing, salsa or generally any dance.
8. Comparisons between other dances. (If you have the experience)


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1) Wanted to learn to dance socially. Monday night was free so I took the only dance class offered at the CC which happened to be salsa. Didn't even know what it was besides a sauce I add to my tacos. I had to YT what it was.
2) Two semesters, two different teachers. Then realized what was taught wasn't salsa.
3) Red, sleazy skirts. Concrete floors. Reminds me of cheap, slutty women.
4) No.
5) Socializing. Improved listening skills.
7) Salsa=apathy. Other dances= excitement, insecurity, attention-whoring, freedom, intimacy.
8) Salsa is one of the worst social dances ever marketed. It's disgusting in how disingenuous and superficial it is. Everyone is deaf. No one listens to the music but, instead, uses it as a glorified metronome. I blame the overnight "I'm a dance teacher" phenomenon for this. This occurs in all formally taught dances, but due to the popularity, it just happens to afflict salsa the worst.

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