Analog videos

OK, I bought myself a Christmas/New Year/birthday present - I upgraded my burner from CD-RW to the latest and greatest DVD burner and I bought an analog input converter (Pinnacle with Studio 10, for those interested) to convert some of my VHS and 8mm tapes. I tried it out today and it seems to be working OK and it is not that hard to use. The hookup (for converter) is easy, but it requires annoyingly too much stuff in registration process compared to other plug-and-play gadgets (i.e. you must register it, you cannot just ignore registration window and you have to go to their website to get some features unlocked). I'll share more of my adventures with it when I actually get something done in it.
Cool!!! I think you're going to have fun with your converter. I still have an 8mm video camera and when I use it to tape my lessons, I convert them to iPod format for viewing on my video iPod. Then, I can watch instruction anywhere I happen to be when I have a few extre minutes. I'm sure you'll come up with many uses. Keep us posted.
On thing to keep an eye out for with such devices, esp if they use a USB connection, is the audio and video getting out of sync. This gets particularly obvious if you're a dancer watching dance video. The art of these devices has improved in recent years but it's still a danger with USB1 devices or interfaces.

I watched some video of an open v-waltz once and kept thinking that one couple, then another, then yet another, were all badly off time. Yikes... they were *all* off time! ;-)
Have fun, I remember when I started doing this BEFORE they had any of these devices. It was very time consuming and complex. Now it is much simpler.
I purchased a standalone DVD recorder that I use to make DVDs directly from my camcorder. It works great. Then I can edit the DVDs on my computer if needed.
I managed to convert my first project. Didn't have enough time to figure out how to make chapters. I am not too happy with the software which came with the converter - it tends to hang up after it finished burning the disc (at least the disc is good).

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