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I just checked the internet version of a London based newspaper. All the 'headlines' were the same as every day, just the number/names were different: x number of people killed, boat sinks, [insert name] arrested for mugging, will there be a house price crash/interest rates will go up further etc. Basically, the same doom and gloom :(

If you could write the news for the day, what type of stories would you focus on/like to write about?


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No one? Hmm, I think I would report on all the recent births in the 'neighbourhood', human and domestic animals. I will think about including snakes (for the snake owners here :wink: )

I will include happy reunions between families/long lost friends :banana:

thinking ...
lol, i'd definitley focus on stories that would capture people's attention... even if it concerns the business of other people, haha. i'm so mean... but it's true. people thrive on gossip. i'd have like my own gossip column where people would talk about the amazing things happening in other people's lives. we could use anonymous names and stuff :p


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Without sounding too "out there," I've been talking with some friends recently about the general bad energy in the world these days... so I'd try to find and cover as many inspirational stories as I could. It may not be as eye catching at first glance, but ultimately it is more profound and more powerful. I'd look for every type of story I could find about people helping other people, from small, mundane acts to the truly awe inspiring ones. These things happen but, unforunately, that is not the news diet provided to us by the media... and I think that at some fundamental level our souls are the poorer for the absence. :(
SDsalsaguy said:
... These things happen but, unfortunately, that is not the news diet provided to us by the media... and I think that at some fundamental level our souls are the poorer for the absence. :(
Too true SD. Unfortunately, the world's media would probably tell us it's because this is what sells.
If I see anything during my travels i'll pass it on.


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I saw two inspirational stories this week -- in the newspaper, but I think they should count anyway.

Both involved kids graduating from high school last weekend against almost impossible odds.

One just plain messed up for years. He started this school years with a 1.4 GPA, ten credits short of the minumum graduation requirements.

The other had stopped attending high school, to support two younger siblings after the death of their parents.

Both returned to school this school year, and took regular, night, and online classes in order to catch up to their respective graduating classes. And both graduated on time last weekend.

Now that's what I call news. 8)

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