Ann Miller film, help!


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I love watching these types of films but can't seem to find this particular one on hard copy. It's called 'Tarnished Angels' from 1938.

Here's a clip...

If anyone knows where I could get a DVD (doesn't look like one has been produced yet.... /waves fist at film studios :( ) or VHS??? Not had much luck myself so maybe you guys over in the US may have a better idea!

Thanking you :)


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Try contacting the Ted Turner Network Classic Film Division. Years ago Ted Turner purchased an enormous number of classic silent and moving black and white flims. His company restored and sometimes colorized the black and white flims (yike). I think the Ted Turner Network Headquarters may be located in Atlanta Georgia. Good luck. The films still run on the TLC network out here in California, early, very early, in the morning like 4 a.m. early.

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