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New Salsa Festival - 1st Warsaw Salsa Festival


As I've mentioned before there is going to be new salsa festival in Poland.

The dates are 11-13 November and location is Warsaw. This time there will be English (and probably German as well) version of the web page. For now it contains only an announcement but it will be updated regularly.

The web page is:

Please add it to the first page of this thread. If you have any question you can contact me by sending private message.
A few more congresses/festivals have been added, dates amended for the Norwegian Congress and the 6th Annual 2005 Baila USA Dance Festival has also been added. As the description says, the emphasis seems to be on Rumba/Orishas rather than salsa itself. As this looks at the origins/influences on Cuban salsa, I felt this was a worthwhile event to include.

June 9-12 --- 6th Annual 2005 Baila USA Dance Festival, Miami ADDED 23.04.05
"A celebration of the art of dance in the Latin and Caribbean culture. This year’s theme is Roots of Salsa: The Rumba Institution."
Pacion said:
Thanks Slawek. Added. :D Did you mean July or October? The website says October.
Oops. October off course - my fault.

I have also some other amendmants:

1. Latin Chem Festival will take place 1-4 September and its home page is
2. Dates for the "The third front" salsa festival in Rostov are August 5-7
3. Norwegian Salsa Congress in June is mentioned twiced on the page
and also its home page is rediricting to some salsa portal that contains no information about the congress.
peachexploration said:
June 9-12 --- 6th Annual 2005 Baila USA Dance Festival, Miami ADDED 23.04.05
"A celebration of the art of dance in the Latin and Caribbean culture. This year’s theme is Roots of Salsa: The Rumba Institution."
I'm going to this!!! it's 2 weeks after LA Congress weeeeee :D
It's mostly Afro-Cuban with a few casino/rueda classes! I took a guaguanco and yambu class yesterday so I'm really looking forward to learning more!
Anyone else going?

I've found information about Cuban Salsa Congresses organized this year:

Athens, Greece
16 Sep 2005 - 18 Sep 2005

Amsterdam, Netherlands
14 Oct 2005 - 16 Oct 2005

Shanghai, China
18 Nov 2005 - 20 Nov 2005

Cape Town, South Africa
30 Dec 2005 - 1 Jan 2006

The home page of all those events is you can choose from there location you are interested in.
Just got email today that the Salsa Escape is CANCELLED (October 31 - November 07 --- St. Maarten (Netherlands Antilles) Salsa Escape DATES AND WEBSITE AMENDED 18.04.05
"Exotique Caribbean Party Holiday" (Source: Henry Knowles)


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1st Annual Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2006 (in Gothenburg)

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(Did I say that I am happy?)
The 1st Annual Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2006 (April 7-8-9) will be held in Gothenburg
(my hometown :bouncy:), Sweden.
More information can be found here :arrow:
I have updated/tidied up the listing a bit (up to December). Please let us know if there is anything you know of that needs to be added/amended.

Thanks. :D
Jul 29-Aug 7 Congress at Ponce, PR - change of date & pl

July 29 - August 7 --- 9th Congreso Mundial de la Salsa & World Salsa Open --- Ponce, Puerto Rico
There are big changes. The info posted is probably a year old. You'll notice the web site is not up. This Convention is now called "Festival Borincano" The date is Aug 20 - 29, and it is in San Juan (not Ponce) at the Pedrin Zorrila Coliseum. This is in the same complex as the Roberto Clemente Coliseum and Hiram Bithorn Stadium. It's accross the street from Plaza Las Americas Shopping Mall, which many who've ever been to PR may know.

The two promoters who put on the PR World Salsa Congress split up last year, and that's why you had two at the same time in different cities. Eli Irrizary this year teamed up with Albert Torres for the one in El San Juan Hotel this week. This one seems to have kept in line with what the traditional Congress has been.

I don't know how the Festival Borincano will be. It is being organized by the other ex-partner Richard Goenaga. It will be held at a Coliseum, not in a Hotel. You can't just run up to your room, but they advertise there will be free transportation to and from the hotels which are like 15 minutes away. I don't know how many people usually stay at the same hotel the Congress is held, as opposed to ones looking for alternate (less expensive?) lodging. So only the former may care about the venue.

I saw the premliminary list of seminar topics. It looked pretty good, al lot of stuff I would enjoy, although only two concurrent workshops to choose from as opposed to three in the Congress. I see Josie Neglia and Rogelio Moreno are expected - I'm a fan for I have some of their videos.

I hope this sort of competitiion helps instead of hurts the quality and popularity of the Salsa Congress scene in Puerto Rico. As far as I can say the Pueto Rico Salsa Congress going on right now is of great quality. It's like nothing has changed. If the Festival Borincano is also a success then the better off we salseros all are. I hope they both succeed and move the dates a bit further appart so maybe people can come to both and not choose one over the other. :wink:
Thank you very much Ivan! The info posted isn't over a year old. :lol: I do check the website links regularly for changes and remember checking the PR ones at least 3-4 months ago - made a mental note re the two PR congresses to keep checking the websites as I had noticed the "Ponce" website did not seem to have much info but, I guess I lost the "mental note" somewhere. :lol:

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