Another home studio construction question

So my daughter-that-I-can't-say-no-to wants a small dance floor in our basement. It will be 12'x12' in the corner of our basement garage with concrete floor. Looking around the Internet there are approximately a billion different opinions about how to do this, but here's the basic plan:

6mm plastic vapor barrier.
Then plywood subloor (thinking about tongue and groove because it seems like it would lie smoother)
Then EVA foam blocks spaced across the floor (creating sprung effect).
Then another layer of plywood (Maybe tongue and groove?).
Then Marley (dancing) surface. She does a little bit of everything from ballet to tap, so I'm thinking about Stagestep's Timestep.

Does this seem like a good plan?
Is it necessary to anchor this thing to the concrete? I'd rather not, but I don't want it slipping/sliding under the dancing.
Is tongue and groove (OSB is most commonly available in my small town) best? I've seen some other recommendations to leave a small space between plywood panels for expansion.

Thanks for any help.


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Take a look at dri-core instead of the first two items on your list. Would be even better if you ever have a small amount of water in your basement that drains off. Read the installation directions on their website, I don't think anchoring it to the floor is necessary. Their installation system also works for floors that aren't perfectly smooth or level.
I saw that and really like the design. The tongue and groove goes all the way around (instead of just the long side). It adds about $100 to the cost, but I'm thinking it might be worth it. Thanks for the response.


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Given the raging debates re: vapor barriers, etc., I second the Dricore recommendation. Pricey but your area is small.

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