Another post about gowns for sale

Hmm, i think you look absolutely stunning in both dresses. But I particularly like the black/white one. I've always thought dual toned dresses stand out more than monotone and it adds extra something without the multi-coloured cluttering..... To sum it up, you look AWESOME!

Here's a completely unrelated question, i know there are different dresses for ladies when it comes to standard/latin, what about guys?? Ladies often don't like to wear the same dress twice, do guys have that problem??


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My ex Pro/Am teacher used to joke that years ago all the guys got together and decided to wear the same thing to save themselves some time, money, and angst. And my reply was always "well, it makes sense, since you all have the extra effort of leading."

Yeah, that's what i figured, guys could probably get away with wearing the same thing to every competition whereas ladies would probably receive not-so-kind comments......


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People can get catty about dresses, that's for sure. So if you're buying a dress that you are going to keep for a while, get a simple classic style so it doesn't get dated quickly.

I've been wearing the same dress for a year now and I am desperately trying to make myself a new one before Saturday! My first attempt, that I've spent the last week and a half on, ended up being a disaster. I can save it, but not in my current timre frame :( . So I started another, simpler one yesterday morning. We'll see how it goes....
Laura, do you sew your own dresses?? That must be really cool!! I had to take a mandatory sewing class when i was in high school and after I wrecked the third sewing machine, the teacher decided that she should finish my project for me b/c the school just doesn't have that big of a budget for fixing sewing machines :lol: !!
Absolutely love your blue dress, but it won't fit me. :roll:
I am size 8/10 and 5'5.5" so it looks like I won't fit in your black/white one either.......


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Lovely! Too bad I'm way to short and fat for that gown. :lol: :lol: :wink:

I'm sure you'll get some takers, though. 8) btw, what's the style name of the court shoes you're wearing in the eBay photo? Very nice. 8) :D


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Well, there are still 8 days left :)

Most people usually wait till 2-3 days bafore to bid from my e-bay experience...

thanks for bumping it up :)

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