Another post about gowns for sale

I don't ballroom dance competitively, but I think it would be so great to get all dressed up in one of the dresses. Just like when I was a kid and used to dress up in mom's clothes. Do kids still do that?


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pygmalion said:
I wasn't just bumping the thread up; I really did want to see a picture of the orange dress. Any pix? 8) :)
It was Anna's, Victor's partner blackpool dress from last year. There are lots of photos on dancesport info site... :) I will post some photo of me later :)


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Ahh! :D Now I understand the "fish scale" description. 8) You look absolutely lovely, btw. The color goes nicely with your skin tone and hair color. :D

I guess it's a little late to be saying that, since you've already sold the gown. :oops: But hey. Better late than never. *shrug* :D


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It was nice color, but didn't like how it made my shoulders look. I don't have the best topline, and this dress really brought it out...


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I can see how you'd be uncomfortable with the cut of the shoulders, if you're not happy with your topline.

I still think you look great, though. :wink: 8)


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how long do you usually keep a dress??

P.S. i find it's best to put down what the reserve is when you're selling on ebay, a lot of ppl turn away b/c they don't want to spend the energy guessing.


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I try to wear it no more than 3 times.. but depends.

I know the reserve is annoying, but if I didn't want a reserve, I would just start it at 750... reserve usually worded for me in the past

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