Another question for the males - Why did you start dance?

I don't see anything wrong with the idea of taking up dance as a way of meeting ladies. I started dancing last November after walking through Blockbuster and picking up Shall We Dance? and Dance With Me. I started taking lessons not long after that because it is something I had always wanted to do, but had never gotten around to it. Now, I'm at the studio 4-6 nights a week and it isn't just to meet women. I truly like to dance and wish I had started years ago.

Be that as it may, I am a single guy, not in a relationship with anyone at the moment, and would be completely open to meeting a nice, dancing lady on the dance floor. I mean, where else would I go to meet ladies? A bar? Do I really want to meet my future sweetheart in a bar? Not a chance.

If I'm looking for a future companion, and I like to dance, what better place to meet someone than on the dance floor. Granted, I'm not one of those guys you see at the studios or clubs that is trying to pick up on every single (and some married) woman they come across. Those guys are the butt of many jokes among my friends and myself. There are even a couple of women at the dances that have standing orders with me and a couple of other guys, that if we see them get snagged by one of these Don Juans for more than one song, we're to make sure that we are there when the second song ends and claim that it's our turn. Life is tough when you're expected to be a knight in shining armor and the dragon is five inches taller than you and looks like a middle linebacker for the Giants.

But, I digress. I'd rather meet my future sweetheart on the dance floor than anywhere else. 'nuff said.
That's a really nice thing to do. I mean watching out for the ladies when you see guys like this. I had one instructor do this to me once, because he knew the guy was at our studio for the wrong reason. And he was there right behind us the whole time making sure the guy wasn't being a jerk even though he still ended up being a jerk and leaving early, because he didn't get any from any of the women lol. ;)
I don't think its wrong to join to meet women if it ends up that you love it and stay for that reason. But this person I was talking about in my post earlier on was constantly disgusted with the fact that there were not very many single women there and complained constantly about having to dance with married or older women. And then QUIT dancing because he wasn't meeting any new single women. But if you love to dance, while waiting to meet a single woman, isn't dancing with older (or married) yet more experienced dancers a good thing? Just my opinion of course.
As a younger guy, I have to say that there's something wonderful about being initiated into new areas of dance by an older, experienced woman... :D
About guys who start dancing to meet women, I think it really depends from studio to studio. I'm currently taking bronze smooth classes at two studios. One tends to have mostly singles, whereas the other tends to have mostly couples. Interestingly, the studio with fewer singles seems to be much more casual and conducive to significant-other-hunting. In contrast, the single women at the other studio seem so intensely dedicated to their dancing. I wouldn't even dream of setting foot at this studio with anything on my mind besides dancing.
Well.. I can say I am deffinatly not the "Player" type ..

I dont chase every single women or new comer that comes to dance class ..

Sure I dance with them , I mean you get to dance with everyone...

But I thought it would be a great place to meet good women , as some one else said about that whole bar thing , There is no ways I want to go hang out a socialize at a bar to hopefully meet some one.

I like to take my time site back , Observe , get to know the ladies and really suss out what they are about , and if I sense some sort of mutal feelings bettween the two of Us I will try to move to a friendship , then hope fully a relationship...

So you see its not about being a player or anything like that , its about getting out there socializing meeting ppl .. who knows?

I would love to have a girlfriend / wife that I can also dance with and just generally have a great time...

but thats me .. old fashioned values hahah .. and I am not even old , I am in my mid 20ies.. hahah...

well thats my thoughts anyway..

yes its kinda the whole knight in shinning amour / Gentalman type thing I want to try and convey , but thats me I want to be that man for my woman one day.

I think it's funny, because I just realized this week what my partner's attentions are lol. (Not that I care lol.) I guess I'm not as clever as I had thought when it comes to reading men!
Originally Posted by dgcasey

A bar? Do I really want to meet my future sweetheart in a bar? Not a chance.

Why not?
Well, the biggest reason would be that I don't drink. I can remember when I was in my 20s and early 30s and I would go out to bars to listen to live music and would see countless women get completely blasted. Once the live music thing died here in Vegas, I stopped going to bars altogether. I have absolutely no desire to go back the bar scene in hopes of finding my future companion.

If I don't find her on the dance floor or riding her road bicycle out at Red Rock, I'm going to end up being single the rest of my life. :shock:
When you ask around under guys- if they would like to go dancing- you will rather find one. Besides the few "real" dancers or the guys which are not interested in girls. Going to a dance school to meet other people, is absolutely okay. Unfortunately for the guys -girls like to dance. We are usually not to find at a box match or a football stadium.
The problems start, when the guys are so concentrated on the beautiful girls around, that they can't perform a simple CBL after a year or two. In that case I would say, they waste their and our time.


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Cool, I can do a CBL. So I get to stick around :)

There are certainly a number of women who come to studios not knowing much dance and looking for a guy who dances. They match up pretty quick and have their own built in dance instructor. There are others who are so focused on the perfect turn that they miss the guys entirely....


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hmm...interesting points mentioned so far. I've met all my gfs through dance, though I never went out to get them that way. A couple reasons. The first being that since that is where I spend most of my time. Second it is easy to be flirty etc and somehow some person gets attracted to that...and makes the time to connect outside dancing and it goes from there. Third, you as a leader are making the lady feel good, without even talking which gives you a head start compared to the bar scene. And as someone mentioned...if you are not into drinking going to a bar is not something you really want to do.

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