Any dehydrator recommendations?

Larinda McRaven

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After dehydrating fruit in my oven for awhile now, and getting cranky at the length of time and the energy wasted by running my oven at 210 for 8 hours.... I figured it was time to invest in a dehydrator. Any thoughts or advice from people that have them already??


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I bought FP a really good one....he used it and loved it as I recall...wish I could remember where I got it ...let me go dig around
The big brands are NESCO and Excalibur. American Harvest used to be a big brand but they were bought by NESCO sometime in the past 10 years. We've used a stacking American Harvest for many years and not had any trouble with it. It's a little loud in the kitchen, so sometimes we put ours on the deck. The Excalibur dehydrators are shelf designs - trays slide into a box like shelves. You can get a (limited) overview on this page: www[dot]dehydratorreview[dot]net/compare-dehydrators. The NESCO FD-80 seems like a decent option on the lower end. Amazon carries quite a few dehydrators. Cabellas also carries some but I don't know the brands. Good luck!

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