Any Hints on where To dance salsa in Puerto Rico

If your friend is going to be in the metro area the best bets are to stay in santurce or el viejo san juan. If your friend doesn't have a local to show him/her where to go then the 2 places where it will be 'easiest' to get to are Rumba in Calle Santurce(I believe) in el viejo san juan, and Havana Club on Parada 18 in Santurce, right next to the Egyptian looking club, on right hand side of the street going south and front of Mac Donalds. There are a few great others but are a bit further in the island and you will need a local salsero to take you there and back. They are kind of holes in the walls where local salseros go after-hours and are only known to them.

Havana isn't what it used to be, it has gotten (dance speaking) somewhat water down. It used to be amazing, they close at 8AM I believe, and the best dancers go there from all over the island and usually don't arrive until very late.

Rumba, altough has less dancers than havana is a place worth the visit. The atmosphere will seem like PR in the 50's. Good music, good bands, nice crowd, and the place is very nostalgic. I love it....

If your friend isn't going to the metro area and will be staying on the west side of the island then let me know. I was born and lived in the area for 15 years and know a bunch of places worth visting. I will be down in PR in 2 weeks and can give you a better idea once I get back...

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