anybody caught the new movie dirty dancing?


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LOL! Somebody'd better see this movie and quick. That's four different threads it's been mentioned in, that I can think of. Maybe more. :lol:
just came back from a competion. i was expecting so much and it didn't go well at all. I was very upset and dissapointed. also I post a question in ballroom section. if u guys can help, I will be really appericate :)
"well, It just seems the routines put up by my instructor are very basic and not so interesting. even it is for the beginer level competition, there seems nobody at my school can advance to the semifinal. It makes me wonder if I should find a different routine for the next competition, and it also seems some couples are doing a lot of complicated stuff in their routines, and they don't seem follow the rule (they are doing more intermediate or advanced steps in beginer level) and the judges don't seem to mind and they end up in final round or win prizes! what's your guys suggestion? and where can I get a better routine for Jive, Cha, Waltz and QuickStep (for beginer and intermediate) cheers"
I have not gotten a chance to see it yet but a dance buddy of mine has... acting stinks he says. I saw a documentary on VH1? or MTV and was not impressed by what I saw.

POSTIVE: Music is great says my Salsa Instructor!!!

:shock: --- will post when I see it for myself... will go to cheap matinee price show.

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