anyone ever go to a Frankie social?


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Totally OT, but the title of this thread is making me have flashbacks:

Frankie say: Dance your @$$ off!

(Actually, I don't know if Frankie ever said that... and Trevor Horn was not available for comment.)


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Nice vid. I liked watching them. They dance very nicely together. (It really irks me though when women w/long hair don't secure it. I've been slapped in the face one too many times by women dancing next to me w/loose, long hair.)

P.S. I just watched the whole video... hadn't seen it all before. That's pretty wild when she falls back and leans on his leg it seemed, and then he threw his leg over her or something... esp. that they did that in a social dance setting. Seems a bit risky to me. Also, she didn't come across as "lost" at all to me.
Yes, that's a neck drop. I didn't mean that she didn't look okay, but that she didn't dance really clean. Her turns in particular. But then again, Francisco looked a bit to be tossing her around, so ya never know. Anyway, glad you liked the video!
ive been to frankie social, its ok not too many people dance when i went, it goes in spurts, i went twice, but when they dance its good, frankie plays good music, at his social frankie just dj and if you ask him to dance he will dance, just most people come with their partner and many beginner who are a little shy.

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