Anyone looking for a partner in the East Midlands, England?

Fat chance, but I thought I'd give it a go. I know a lot of people use DF, but I believe it's all mostly North American people. Here are my stats though, just in case:

  • 5'7" wos
  • 130 pounds
  • Intermediate level, Latin (open to dancing Ballroom as well)
  • 22 years old
  • based in Leicester, UK
  • Looking for a partner to practice or compete with, & preferably take lessons with as well.
I am in England until August 2008, and then I move back home to the USA (I am on a year long exchange program at the University of Leicester). I'm on facebook too, so send me a shout if you want to exchange names. So if some lucky guy is looking for a girl to practice/compete with for the next five months or so, then please send me a message at: Thanks!

HELP ME PLEASE!!!! lol. Yes, I am begging now!
No luck at my Uni dance club. Everyone is either a beginner or has a partner already. I've swear I've been to every major dancepartner search page on the internet: dancesport UK, dancepartner dot com, & I'm signed on to nearly every facebook partner search that exists.

really really bites!

if anyone knows of anyone else, or knows a better website than those, than please share!
Sigh....Does it ever get easy to find a lasting partner???

It's like every guy is either too good (like been dancing since they were 3 or something ridiculous) or they are COMPLETELY new. Where are all in the inbetween people? And more specifically, where are those inbetween people in England at???


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If I have to go to Jersey (or New England in general) to see the center of the universe, I think I'll be happy to stay on the edge. Or the very fringe, here in Kuwait. ;)


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ummm....we do not allow dance advertisements for partners in our main ballroom forum guys, so I'll be moving this thread to dance ads. Sorry!

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