Apprenticeships/Trainee programs

Hi all!

I am an advanced American Smooth and Latin dancer and beginner instructor who is interested in traveling abroad for several months next year.

During this time, I would like to study dancing, especially ballroom and wondered if anyone knew of any apprenticeships or trainee programs for adult ballroom dancers outside of America.

I am open to all types of programs - volunteerships, internships, apprenticeships, work-study, etc.

Asia most likely, but I am open to anywhere if they have ballroom opportunities available. I'm a dual British-American citizen, so Europe and the commonwealth would be good options in terms of visas.

Im in Tokyo. 3 month with a tourist visa for usa citizens. not sure about british visa for japan. most japan people are more international style type dancers. not many opportunities for American as far as I can see but doesn't mean they are not out there. the process of finding a good place for 3 month or more can be daunting but doable. having some knowledge of the language and culture will help. let me know If I can help in anyway.

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