Are there Tango movie clips from before 1935 ?


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..some interesting dance scenes in the beginning.
It´s Julia and Lalo Bello dancing some kind of orillero thing. Though interesting, it was taken in 1972, so not really old stuff. At about 15:30 (as far as I remember) social dancing from 1972 is shown, taken in kind of a theatre or cabaret. Also interesting, because there also isn´t much material from that forgotten period left.
Highlight of course is an interview with Eduardo Rovira at 32:00. Never heard him talk before. Really outstanding footage. Thanks a lot Jan!

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social dancing from 1972 is shown, taken in kind of a theatre or cabaret
I don't think I've ever seen a woman doing tango in go go boots before!

To me, it looked like a milonga, similar to the dance hall I saw at El Arranque. Their dancing looked pretty much like what I remember there, too.
Makes me think of how swing persisted in LA during the 60s and 70s while no one else was paying attention.


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It was the 70s when women wore high boots. It shows how the 70s style of the disco era in the USA reached Buenos Aires. The one club scene in the film shows normal, everyday people enjoying a night of social dancing at their neighborhood club. I don't recognize the venue.

Today the dancing is all so homogenized and prepackaged for exhibition. You don't see social dancers wearing dresses with high slits, but that's standard for exhibition couples today. You don't see social dancers standing six feet apart to begin a dance, but that's how "salon" is marketed today. Most of what is done in today's exhibitions is a far cry from actual social dancing in the milongas of BsAs. While the champions are doing their perfect choreographies, social tango is falling by the wayside. When the masses no longer dance socially, it will be the death of tango. Dance floors aren't big enough for all the egos that want attention.

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