Are you a heavy drinker?


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I have a drink now and then... A glass of wine with dinner, a digestive liquer sometimes after a meal... A couple drinks if I hang out with friends who like to just hang out and chat/play pool... A good thing that smoking ban was passed in NY! My drinking days are passing me by as dancing jumps up and down in my sights. (I don't usually drink and dance. The two don't usually go well together.)
Not much of a drinker other than a Frozen Margarita or Daiquiry every now and then....Ok, I like an occasional drink when I travel and don't have to drive!!! But I find it's not conducive to good dancing.


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I had my younger days where I drank way too much. However since I started dancing I will sometimes have about 3-5 drinks and then hit water the rest of the night. About half the time I go out dancing I only have water. Just depends on my mood and the mood of the party.
3-5 drinks spread out over a few hours does not hit me hard enough to impair my dancing.

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The last event that I went to in San Diego, I drank 5 beers (Corona with a squeeze of lime) on Saturday night . . . yikes, that's more than I've drank in the last two years, and I didn't even get a "buzz" from it!!!!!!!!!

Usually, one beer and I'm done for the night, and have a beer hangover the next morning - just one beer!

I guess that's what I got for not competing that weekend!
I never drink really... of course, I'm only 18, I s'pose I shouldn't be. :wink: But I'm highly dissapointed that I came over this thread so late! Maybe I could've convinced DanceMentor to share. no fun!

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