Argentina: What crisis? Let's tango!

Do people dance more or less when the economy is bad? Well, if you live in Argentina, it's more. Justin Marozzi of the Financial Times says, "Buenos Aires, the city that gave the world tango - the dance, not the fizzy drink - is preparing to celebrate. Truth is, it always is. This time, it's the tango festival, where streets and squares throughout the capital teem with couples locked in fierce embraces. Never mind the economic crisis, it's time to dance." Here is the full article.

:?: I wonder if we should learn something about this in the United States. I mean...who cares if we are on the verge of war and the economy isn't so good? Let's Dance! :)
From Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Nice article!

Hi there, my name is Francisco and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work in a dotcom called where we sell Tango CDs and videos. Although I don`t consider myself a really tango lover, I like it very much!

I you ever visit Argentina you can go to the PATAGONIA or CUYO...
Here you will find very nice pictures!

Best regards!
If you really love Tango and you came to Buenos Aires, you may visit SAN TELMO and LA BOCA neighbourhoods in weekends, where yoy can enjoy free shows in the streets!


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