Argentine Tango drill on Balance, posture and projections

This article was originally published at from Chrisa Assis.

Chrisa Assis is a Dance and fitness professional in Toronto.


I am not sure about you, but I used to get so bored working out in the gym…SOOO BORED! Until one day I thought to myself: “Who cares about health and a strong body, just do it for Tango!” haha

For example:
You are not doing squats, you are getting your legs stronger to last longer in those heels. OR
You are not doing lunges, you are working on your Tango steps, understanding natural biomechanics in order to make those steps steady, strong and smooth…OR
You are not planking, you are working on your core for a better, stable and effortless posture! SEE?
You get two birds with one stone, you are working on your Tango technique while doing a workout, without having to look for extra time on your schedule!

While looking for some training inspiration, I saw this picture: So a thank you to Cris!
Barcelona fans I apologize…Hell! I am a fan as well! But when it comes to training inspiration he is the guy to turn to!
So from that picture above I made this video for you: You will only need a resistance band and some mental preparation for some serious work…like Cris there..!

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