Argentine tango - I am currently listening to

Shiina Ringo - tango instrumental for upcoming movie

One of my favorite songwriters and performers has come up with this instrumental tango for the soundtrack of Sakuran a new Japanese movie. Partial sample here as part of a trailer for the movie:

Wondering what tango enthusiasts would make of it? (I like it a lot, but I have to confess to not being a tango lover.)


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It's OK. It doesn't ring my chimes very much, though.

It could be that if I heard the same music set with different visuals I'd have a different impression. I found the combination of tango sound + asian visuals to be brain couldn't figure that one out.
The director "is the daughter of theater director Yukio Ninagawa, known for his experimental stagings of Shakespeare and Greek classics around the world," ( so maybe she is following in her father's footsteps with this choice of soundtrack.

This particular tune has slowly insinuated itself into my head, but I have to admit I am already primed to give Shiina Ringo the benefit of the doubt though. There's a completely different, vocal and non-tango, version of it here, which I heard first, but I actually prefer the instrumental:

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Not exactly on topic, but rather than start a new thread...
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This thread has been dormant for a while, but I was watching Luis Bianchi and Daniela Pucci dancing a Milonga on youtube last night and the song was "Morena"

I looked it up and it is by Esteban Morgado, I've listened to some other bits by him and they sound great.
Yes, the album that Morena is on has got some other nice ones that you can hear in more alternative tango places for dancing. I'd recommend it. And of course everyone loves Morena!
Sorry, was too lazy to open iTunes and get the actual name of the album... Doesn't look like it's available from the iTunes store, by the way :-(


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the best of Argentine TangoVolume 3 MILONGA!
but it doesn't have the choo choomilonga,which i love. dearieme you can tell i have a lot of waiting around to do atwork tonight!


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the best of Argentine TangoVolume 3 MILONGA!
but it doesn't have the choo choomilonga,which i love. dearieme you can tell i have a lot of waiting around to do atwork tonight!
what is the choo choo milonga?

Do you mean Di Sarli's El Ingenario? thought this is a tango not milonga.
nah i know the one she meansit's not that one. it doesn't actually go choo choo but you feel like itshould . It is a milonga and it gets faster and faster and faster until it reaches the bottom of the hill and slowsdown. it's like the horse racey one- but i think that isa tango. i wish people played more funtango/milonga music. way better than dancing to lame american soft rock.

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