Argentine Tango in Europe

Hi all,

I just joined the forum and would like to introduce myself with my homepage:

So far, the site is only available in german, but a french and an english version will be coming soon.

Under the button "bilder" you can see photos of me and my dancepartner under "film" you can watch us dance tango, milonga and vals.



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You know, Lucrezia, I've been thinking about your post all morning -- how beautiful your dancing is, and how good you look. And I am so frustrated by my total ignorance and the fact that I don't even know how to approach asking you questions.

I start tango lessons Friday, and you can rest assured that, within a week or two, I'll be asking you all sorts of silly things. And then give it a few weeks more, and I'll be asking you technical things.:D :lol:

Thanks so much for joining us. :D
Silli Questions

Hello pygmalion,

I'm trying to answer to your posting for the third time. The first two times it didn't work. Maybe my old netscape-version????
Well. :(

Thanks again for your nice compliments. I am really honoured.
In Tango there are no silly questions: the people asking the most, are the ones to advance and understand the fastest - like everywere in life. :wink:

There are only silly answers, as tango is such an individual dance and often misunderstood as a compilation of fancy steps. So, I'll try not to give silly answers. And I hope, my english is sufficient for that complicated topic. :wink:

I wish you a wonderfull first "Tango Lesson" and hope you'll be as enchanted of Tango as I was from the first moment.


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