Arjay Centeno/Melissa Rutz/Deborah Szekely Tandem Follower Strictly

Strictly Dance featuring Arjay, Melissa and Deborah from Boston's Dancin' New Year's Eve

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Larinda McRaven

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I suppose a little shamless self promotion never hurts... although the post is against our guidlines. However it would be nice if Arjay would stop back by and answer the question.

Hey, I apologize that I didn't respond to the question sooner than someone else. In defense I do travel the world and don't always have access to a computer. I also apologize that posting the video seemed like shameless self promotion. I swear that was not my intent. The only intent was to share with as many different communities a unique video I felt would benefit. If the intent was to self promote, I would have tagged my website, posted more videos especially instructional and routines. I again apologize and understand if the video must be removed.

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