Arthur Murray Inc Trademarks World Championship Dance Titles

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I made an unbreakable promise to come there this year. (What the heck is a pinkie promise, anyway?) I guess I'm too damn old to know. lol. and I'd So love to see you, even if it's only lunch over Publix sub sandwiches lol I'll Pm you my numbers. :) )
Got 'em! And it's a date!
To revive this topic:
The following was recently posted on dancesportinfo, and seems to be the response of the WDDSC (under its new name, the World Dance Council, or WDC) to Arthur Murray's attempt to trademark world titles:

The World Dance Council (WDC) is asserting its authority as the only World body with the right to administer, grant and run all recognised World Professional Ballroom Champion Titles. The council, made up of fifty nine (59) members representing virtually every dancing country in the world (one member per country) has decided to retain the event rights and appoint an organiser of their choosing to return the World Ballroom Champion Titles to a position of importance and meaning.

The WDC is committed to their goal of encouraging and promoting dance through its broad world membership. The WDC feels the World Ballroom Champion Titles need to be elevated to a much higher level of distinction, much as the Olympic medals are revered and coveted by athletes because they are competing in a world arena, and therefore competing against the world's best. This can only be achieved by retaining control of the titles and ensuring that all countries and therefore all dance sport professionals are represented fairly and without personal agenda.

Furthermore, the WDC are committed to promoting dance by taking a more commercialised approach to running the World Champion Title events. Involving sponsors in these events and attracting multi-media to share this exciting and fast growing sport, (as evidenced by recent movie and television hit sensations), will serve to benefit and encourage participating professional dancers and involve others.

The WDC, originally known as the International Council of Ballroom Dancing and formerly the World Dance & Dance Sport Council has been in existence since 1950 and has been the rightful administrators of the World Champion Titles for 56 years.

For important information concerning upcoming WDC World Champion Title Events go to ...

Stuart Saunders
Company Secretary
Bremen, Germany. 28th July 2006.
If you go to this new website, which is just one page with a link to the WDDSC site and the World Promotions website, take a close look at the pictures.
That fabulous looking couple is Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova. Bob and Julia were US Rhythm (i.e. American) champions, and World Mambo Champions. The latter is an IDO title, AFAIK, not a WDDSC title. Bob Powers is also identified on the DanceVision website as:
a member of the International Dance Board of Arthur Murray International
I don't know if I am reading too much into this. I wonder if the selection of their photo (a fabulous one, to be sure) was just an accident, or a statement of some sort, about the WDC laying claim to all world titles? The bit about Bob Powers being on the Board of AM International is just ironic, in my opinion. Or a very, very clever jab from the WDC to AM.
I wonder if anyone can identify the other two couples in those photos? The other Latin/Rhythm couple looks like Emmanuel and Joanna. Another Rhythm couple. Or am I imagining things?
What's crazy is that the big banner for Woerld Promotions is right under the WD&DSC one. WP is local to me and organizes mainly pro-am stuff. Now I am realllllly confused....

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