Arunas & Katusha Tango


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Why do so many men look like they are shouting things like "ha! cha! bop!" while they dance Tango? Cracks me up. :)
My partner does that, too. He says it helps his tango. I see some ladies do, too. I see there are two gropus of ladies for their tango does ha, cha, bop like a lot of men and the other is always calm and poised, looking like an ice queen. This latter group makes a good contrast with men and helps men's masculine look. For now I belong to the latter group, because I cannot dance and shout at the same time yet.
Arunas looks like he's getting a nervous breakdown! Dancing looks good, but they have to clean it up a bit, it's so chaotic. I'm really looking forward to seeing this couple establish itself at the top of the world!

PS there's an easy solution... duck tape

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